Wind energy

Wind energy results from the use of the kinetic energy of wind to produce mechanical energy, which is later transformed into electrical energy by a generator. Wind has been used for thousands of years to meet the energy needs of human activity, namely to propel means of transport (sailing boats), to pump water or to enable industrial activities to function.

Wind energy is a way of obtaining energy, through 100% clean sources, which prevents any type of pollutant from being produced. Wind energy is a renewable energy source obtained through solar energy, i.e. it originates from the heating of the atmosphere by the sun, which sets masses of air in motion. The Earth's rotation, the shape and cover of the earth's surface, and the water surfaces influence the speed, direction, and variability of the wind in a given place.

Currently, wind energy has been increasingly used to produce electricity, either for decentralized local use in isolated places, or in large wind farms consisting of several wind turbines connected to the electricity grid.

Wind Turbines