Sustainability is a condition of a process that allows the development of present generations while guaranteeing the needs of future generations.

It is a concept directly related to economic and material development without harming the environment,using natural resources intelligently so that they can be maintained in the future. By following these parameters, humanity can guarantee sustainable development.

In an effort to increase its positive impact on the environment, in addition to producing clean energy, Cabeólica has developed environmental and socialprojects, namely:

  • Biodiversity programs for different endemic species.
  • Environmental monitoring of its impact on the environment and the community.
  • Support to important environmental and social projects, developed by the community, through its corporate social responsibility fund.
  • Environmental awareness programs for children - EOLO.
Environmental Responsability

It is the designation given to attitudes aimed at protecting the environment and at the planet's sustainable development.

Social Responsability

It is a concept whereby companies decide, on a voluntary basis, to contribute to a fairer society and a cleaner environment.