Cabeólica supported a session "São Vicente d' Costa Limpe" a campaign by Biosfera Cape Verde, a non-profit association with the main objective of focusing on environmental protection, with special focus on marine ecosystems and fauna associated with them.

Through the initiative "São Vicente d' Costa Limpe" several monthly cleaning sessions were organized carried out by volunteers to remove waste along the entire slope from Norte de Baía to Praia Grande on the island of São Vicente.

During the 2019 campaign, six trucks of trash were removed,totaling about 50 cubic meters of solid waste, and about 300 volunteers participated in total..


Cabeólica co-funded MultiAdapat,an integrated and innovative project for flood regulation, microclimate mitigation and food security promotion.

The main focus of the project,promoted by the Associação dos Amigos para Desenvolvimento Comunitária de Covoada, is the creation of a network of vegetable gardens and the breeding of goats for meat and milk production, as food and income for the community of Covoada, in Santiago Island.

The project,in addition to contributing to community empowerment, has a strong environmental component, and includes the use of sustainable practices and technologies.


Cabeólica supports LigaPlay - a championship for under 13, under 15 and under 17 soccer schools. Its main goal is to promote inclusion and citizenship,values, awareness, appreciation of human life and social interaction through sports.

Bringing together children and schools from several towns and villages in Santiago, LigaPlay has contributed to the dynamization of children's sports..

Cabeólica is an official sponsor of this initiative, integrated in its social support activities that aim to promote the development and involvement with the community.


Cabeólica supported the educational centers of the Municipality of Paul, on the island of Santo Antão, in the project "Clean Community equals Better Health", which was implemented during the month of June 2017.

The fragility of the ecosystems in the archipelago and the rural isolation have led these schools to seek to raise the awareness of the communities to become aware of the impacts that positive behavior towards the environment has on current and future generations.

The development of several recreational cultural and sporting activities in this educational center involved the children of the region who could enjoy many days of real entertainment!

Solidary Christmas 2022

As part of its mission and social support projects, Cabeólica developed an important chapter of action in Christmas 2022 through the visit and offer of kites to the pediatric areas of the Hospitals Agostinho Neto (Cidade da Praia) and Batista de Souza

It was an impactful initiative that brought the happiness and “color” of the "Cape Verde's clean energy" to the youngest and their families in the perspective of transmitting "winds of positive change" to their lives.

ACLCC – Cape Verdean Association for Combating Cancer

Given the importance of the work of ACLCC – Cape Verdean Association for Combating Cancer in the context of the permanent “combat” against the effects of cancerous diseases and various types of Cancer, Cabeolica took the decision to support this cause in a multi-year perspective.

Signing the official protocol, our perspective involves making the basic structures of the association viable to permit that it can focus on raising awareness, on preventive processes and on supporting effective patients.


Cabeolica works daily on actions to support the preservation of local biodiversity and "threatened" species in Cape Verde, counting on fulfilling this mission with an important partnership with Lantuna - Non-Governmental Association for the Conservation of the Environment and Sustainable Development in Cabo Green.

In this specific case we are talking about the preservation of the red heron (Ardea purpurea bournei) which is an endemic bird of the island of Santiago in danger of extinction. One of the examples of our action was the development of a magnificent project, creating a work of art in Serra da Malagueta School.

Offer of School Kits - AEFAG

Took place, on 18 of September - 2022, the ceremony of school kits delivery offered by Cabeolica to children from families with more vulnerable situations, residing in Achada Grande, through an important partnership with the Associação de Escolas de Futebol da Achada Large (AEFAG).

Cabeólica contributes in this way to the start of the 2022/23 school year in this community, exercising its social responsibility by providing better conditions for students in more disadvantaged economic conditions, investing in their education, as a determining factor for a promising future for these young people.