AFC Equity Investments

AFC Equity Investments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), which directly and indirectly remains Cabeolica’s largest investor since 2010. AFC is a pan-African multilateral financial institution made up of sovereign states , of which Cabo Verde is also a member state. Its main shareholders are the Central Bank of Nigeria and some of the largest African commercial and development banks.

African Energy Transition Holding

African Energy Transition Holding Capital is part of A.P. Moller Group, through the African Infrastructure Fund (AIF), managed by AP Moller Capital. The AIF fund was created to invest in infrastructure assets on the African continent, having several holdings on this continent, namely in the energy sector.

Electra, S.A.

The Public Electricity and Water Company Electra was created in 1982 and has the mission providing electricity, water and services throughout Cabo Verde’s territory. The company is held by the state and by private companies, with the technical and financial capacity to guarantee the continuous supply of water and electricity in economical and safe conditions, promoting and favoring Cabo Verde’s socio-economic development.

The State of Cabo Verde

The State of Cape Verde promotes the social, economic, technological and cultural development of the country and has shown, in recent years, a strong commitment to renewable energies as a way of reducing dependence on energy from abroad and also of lowering costs associated with the increase in matter raw material, namely fuel. With the renewable energy targets, the State of Cape Verde continues to invest heavily in creating public-private consortia that contribute to the country's environmental and economic sustainability.