Cabeólica believes in improving the welfare of the population on each of the islands where it operates and has always been involved in activities that allow it to continue to contribute to society in a positive way..


for the environment in your day to day life:


Reuse, repurpose, and recycle everything possible

Such as plastic and glass containers that can easily be stored and reused for other purposes. It is important to be aware that the less of these items we use, the better it is for our environment. Avoid using single-use disposable products, such as plastic straws.


Dispose of your garbage properly

Collect your trash items in appropriate containers and direct them to proper disposal. Do not throw away items that can be reused, and in doing so, avoid the need to purchase more of these items than necessary. Where appropriate, collect plastic waste safely from beaches and other public areas.


Preserve trees and other plants

Protect the vegetation around you as these have numerous benefits for our Planet, including air purification, soil strengthening, and the creation of habitats for animals.


Be aware that there are a significant number of endangered species

Know which species in your surroundings are particularly sensitive and avoid hunting/fishing them, so as not to contribute to an intensification in the imbalance of these species.


Use reusable bags for shopping

Disposable plastic bags are everywhere, taking many years to decompose into toxic particles that will then enter the food chain of many species. Avoiding the use of plastic bags reduces the negative impact they have on our environment.